Meet your TV's new retro-looking best friend

Today's home theater system looks a little threadbare if it doesn't include a sound system or a media streaming device. Sure, you can get along with just an HDTV and a cable box, but that's the kind of setup your parents had. And while a vintage setup can look cool, it usually doesn't pay dividends in the tech department.

Now, a little vintage-inspired box is bringing that olde-timey look into the modern media center in a way that is both functional and beautiful. This is the TubeCore Duo, a tandem media-streaming box and hi-fi speaker. With this one device you'll be able to stream online content like Netflix or music from your phone (via Bluetooth) and pump the sound out into your living room with stunning clarity.

The sound quality is down to the TubeCore Duo's old-school solid state amp, paired with two single-phase vacuum tube pre-amplifiers. That's right, those glass tubes aren't just for show, kids, they're what make this baby rawk!

Inside the TubeCore Duo, you'll find a Raspberry Pi running open-source media center software XBMC. Each TubeCore Duo comes in a hand-built case and is shipped with a full workup of its plans and schematics — just in case you ever need to upgrade its hardware. Currently destroying its funding goal on Kickstarter, the TubeCore Duo will run you a cool $375 (and only if you act fast) or more. Still, for this sort of craftsmanship and functionality we're hard-pressed to think up a price we wouldn't pay for one of these beauties. To learn more about the TubeCore Duo, check out the company's pitch video below.

Kickstarter, via Wired

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