Diamonds are forever, and for frikkin' lasers

James Bond being a Scot, we think it's pretty fitting that a Glasgow-based University has developed his age-old nemesis, the diamond-based laser. Researchers at the University of Strathclyde have developed a powerful, highly-versatile laser which has at its core a frikkin' diamond.

The diamond allows for a more powerful Raman laser than was previously attainable from crystals of the same size. In fact, diamond based lasers can put out a beam strength equal to that of crystal-based laser ten times its size.

But strength isn't all that diamonds afford lasers. A whole range of laser colors which were previously unattainable are unlocked as well. Everything from ultraviolet light to infra-red can be produced with a single, tunable laser. This includes the entire visible spectrum, some of which are still difficult to generate using conventional lasers — orange and yellow light, for instance.

As for how these lasers will be utilized, that's where Mr. Bond's enemies seem to have gotten everything wrong. Far from city-razing weapons, diamond-based lasers will be able to aid with ocular surgery, weather and pollution monitoring and even cancer.


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