Awesome bathtub touchscreen created with Kinect and projector

It's time to face facts. The time we spend in the bathtub has long lagged behind the rest of our lives. Outside the bath we are free to watch videos, play games and post to social media to our little heart's content. But when we're bathing, well, even answering emails takes on a "play at your own risk" element. Many a device has met its end in an Epsom salts infused pool of relaxation.

Fear not, dear readers: the days of electronics not mixing with the tub are at an end. The days of the Aquatop are upon us! Utilizing a Kinect camera mounted above the tub, a projector, some waterproof speakers and a PC, developers at Koike Laboratory in Tokyo have managed to transform the surface of the water in your tub into an "immersive" touchscreen.

By dipping your fingertips into the water, your digits become cursors. You can play games, organize photos and watch videos. You can even delete content from your computer by reaching up from under the surface of the water, grabbing the offending content by its icon, and sinking it beneath the waves.

Gaming is really where the Aquatop comes into its own, however. Those speakers we mentioned earlier create haptic feedback around the tub, enabling explosions to rock the surface of your bath. You'll be able to take on your rubber ducky in an epic air assault-style game for control of the tub.

The Aquatop is still a prototype, with no plans as of yet to be brought into the consumer marketplace. That's a real shame too, because we can't think of anything going wrong when it comes to mounting cameras above our naked and bathing selves and then hooking the whole system up to a web-capable PC. Check out all the fun in the vid below.

Gizmag, via Geeky-Gadgets

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