Solar-powered laptop will outlast the zombie apocalypse

Credit: Sol

Meet the Sol, an Ubuntu-running solar-powered laptop for the world after tomorrow. This rugged clunker of a computer can last up to 10 hours on a single charge and only requires two hours of solar energy to raise its battery from the dead. It's perfect for the zombie apocalypse.

But, strange as this might seem, apocalyptic futures aren't actually what the Sol was designed for. Sol's creator WeWi Telecommunications actually envisions it to be put to use in areas where electricity is scarce — Ghana for instance, which will be seeing the Sol first.

The $300 Sol will come equipped with an as-yet unidentified Intel processor, an HD display, a touchpad and Wi-Fi connectivity. Sol will also come pre-loaded with "all the productivity and creativity tools you need," according to its website. What that software might be, however, is a mystery. Beyond what you now know, WeWi Telecommunications is being pretty tight-lipped about Sol's capabilities. Check out their video below for a taste of what we mean.

Sol, via Engadget

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