Meet the new, updated, 100% more awesome DVICE mobile app

We've been listening to your feedback about the DVICE mobile app, and we've been working hard on bug fixes, changes, and updates. Today, we're excited to announce a ground-up redesign that's easier to use, much more stable, and significantly faster. The app has been entirely rebuilt from scratch, and it's now the fully armed and operational battle station mobile experience that it should be. Some highlights:

  • Leave comments like "lol" or "first" or "lern 2 spell" from your mobile device through Facebook, Twitter, or Google
  • Share articles with your friends and enemies over Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Save your favorite articles to read them offline whenever you want, over and over, forever
  • Browse through image galleries, because who needs articles when you have pictures
  • Direct access to exclusive DVICE video of us doing DVICE-y things

The app has been optimized for the iPhone 5, and the iOS version is available on iTunes right now. We've been developing an Android version, too, and you can expect to see that out in the wild in a matter of weeks. As always, let us know what you think, and hit up the link below to try out the app for yourself, for free.

Via iTunes

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