IKEA augmented reality app puts digital furniture in your rooms

Credit: IKEA

Visiting IKEA is sort of like a field trip. You go look at furniture, eat Swedish meatballs, buy a million LACK tables, and eat the cheap hot dogs after checking out and walking through the labyrithine store. Then, you haul all of that furniture home and begin the dreadful assembly process.

Shoppers who can't stand visiting IKEA now have another reason to stay at home and order new furnishings without leaving their homes. IKEA's newly updated 2014 Catalog app for iOS and Android now lets you bring 90 products to life through the power of augmented reality via smartphones and tablets.

Want to see how a certain sofa or desk will look in your apartment? Easy — just place the physical printed IKEA catalog (yeah, you'll still need the ol' paper catalog) on the floor, fire up the IKEA Catalog app, and choose the item to be digitized. From there, it's just a matter of aiming your tablet or smartphone around your house and seeing if the product fits in.

The problem with buying new furniture is that there's no way to see how well it'll fit in your interior space. IKEA's augmented reality feature fixes that complaint. Sure, we wish the entire catalog of thousands of items was readily available for AR fun, but we'll give IKEA a break; it's only a matter of time before more products are added.

IKEA Catalog (iTunes), via Selectism

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