Dude creates adorable life-sized, R/C controllable Wall-E robot

Credit: Tested.com

In what can only be described as a monumental feat of DIY prowess, Mike McMaster, along with his buddy Mike Senna (who has his own Wall-E) has created a functional, full-scale Wall-E robot. After years of crafting each piece of the robot from scratch, McMaster's Wall-E is a picture-perfect recreation of its CGI counterpart.

McMaster's Wall-E isn't just an R/C car with a cool skin on it, either. The robot is jam-packed with features straight out of Disney and Pixar's film. Wall-E's treads are fully functional and its head has roughly 270 degrees of rotation. Its eyebrows work, too and there's a functional "solar charge level" meter, which not only recreates the charging sequence seen in the film but also monitors battery levels.

Wall-E can also communicate with a whole suite of warbles, sounds and music. Now, all McMaster needs to do is make a life-sized R/C controllable EVE to match. To see it bobbing its head along with its own soundtrack, check out the video below. 

Tested, via Youtube

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