Ultra high-res photo of Tokyo lets you spy on people across town

Many people have a voyeuristic streak, but going out and staring into your neighbor's window could land you in the slammer for being a pervy creep. To avoid that problem, allow me to suggest substituting this massive high-rez picture of downtown Tokyo.

Click here to see the image in all of its massive glory. Expand it to full screen, then zoom in to your heart's content to start checking out the citizens of Tokyo.

The 8,000 individual exposures that form the image were shot over a period of four days from the Eiffel Tower-like Tokyo Tower. Photographer Jeffrey martin used a Canon 7D on a motorized tripod controlled by a laptop that could move it in uniform incremental steps. Taking the picture was actually the easy part. Editing it all together required the real effort. Using a computer with 192GB of RAM, it took Martin four months to assemble the final massive image.

At 600,000 pixels across, it's actually twice the maximum size allowable for a single file in Photoshop, so the the final image is actually two pictures matched together. if you were to try and print it out at typical photo resolution, the image would be over 100 yards wide and as tall as a 15 story building.

Matin's says that his goal in creating the image is to make the viewer feel like they have superhuman powers. Even using a telescope, a human on the Tokyo Tower couldn't see the level of detail available in his image. The only question is what to call this power? Perhaps Voyeur Vision?

iO9, via Oddly-even

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