Security pouch blocks all mobile device wireless signals

Recent revelations about how various organizations collect your digital information online has turned many from transparent, social media junkies into hyper-aware privacy junkies. In response to this general heightened awareness, a new product has emerged that offers the promise of allowing anyone to mask their mobile signal without engaging in elaborate measures.

The Off Pocket (as in the "off switch") is a pouch for your mobile device that instantly cuts off any signal including GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular phone signals. Its interior uses a metal fabric to achieve the effect, while the exterior offers protection from the elements via water-resistant material.

According to the company's tests, the pouch is more effective than a refrigerator or a cocktail shaker (two methods of blocking a phone signal that have become popular among some mobile phone users). In the company's battery of tests the Off Pocket successfully blocked mobile phone signals from major cellular networks including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

And while it may seem like such a product veers into paranoia territory, the fact is that your mobile device signal is increasingly being used to track you by any number of organizations. In just the last couple of years, companies have begun using consumer mobile phone signals to track shopping trends, so it's clear that the technology to track your mobile signal has gone mainstream.

Currently, the product is offered as a Kickstarter project with an early adopter price of $75 and an estimated delivery date of September. You can learn more about the development of the Off Pocket in the pitch video down under.

Via Kickstarter

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