Samsung patents some very cool smartwatch designs in Korea

Credit: Moveplayer

Samsung, Apple and a whole host of others have been rumored to be working on their own smartwatch designs for a while now. It would appear Samsung's closed-door engineering has borne fruit. Three separate patents, filed between March and May of this year, reveal different elements of a single smartwatch-esque design.

In one patent, a flexible screen is clearly highlighted. In another, the now-standard Android touch controls (back and menu) are featured, along with what Moveplayer is theorizing could be the power button, USB port and speaker.

While the overall design that these patents collectively suggest is pretty dang sleek, it's not likely to be Samsung's actual smartwatch design. Designers frequently alter their designs in form when filing for patents, so as to keep their ultimate creation secret until the big unveiling. That being said, there's nothing wrong with the sleek, low-profile smartwatch depicted in these images.

The real challenge isn't creating the external design, but figuring out how to squeeze in an acceptable battery to power features that'd we actually want from a smartwatch.

Moveplayer, via Engadget

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