3D printed rifle is back, now shoots without breaking

Credit: Youtube

First there was the Liberator, a 3D printed, plastic handgun. First thought to be an eccentric boondoggle at best, test firings proved the weapon viable (at least for a few rounds). It was only then, when the plans were on the Internet and the gun worked, that people began to ponder the dangers of a weapon which could be made at home and required zero paperwork to obtain.

Eventually, the gun's plans were pulled from the Web amidst a firestorm of controversy. Even so, Canadian hobbyist "Matthew" believed the world really needed a second working 3D-printed gun design. And thus The Grizzly was born. In its first test last month, The Grizzly got off one shot while simultaneously failing — not exactly your epic design win.

Undeterred, Matthew and The Grizzly returned to the range this week. Featuring a reworked barrel design, The Grizzly 2.0 blew its predecessor away. The .22-caliber weapon fired off an impressive 14 shots before suffering failure. The video below documents the first 10 shots taken with the gun.

After the video was shot, Matthew actually took up the weapon and fired it by hand another three times before it failed. He plans to post The Grizzly's plans online later this summer — because that's working out pretty well for everybody so far. This almostly definitely won't turn out good.

Youtube, via Geeky-Gadgets

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