Pressy turns your phone's audio jack into a customizable button

Credit: Pressy

Did you know that the headphone jack on your smartphone is capable of more than just outputting sound? Yep, it can also accept input devices that can control your smartphone.

Enter Pressy, a small nub of a button that fits inside of the 3.5mm headphone jack on any Android smartphone. It can be programmed to activate just about any action.

For instance, maybe you want to press it to turn on your phone's flash for a flashlight, or use it as a camera shutter button, or instantly close all running apps.

Pressy can also be set up to recognize different kinds of presses: quick tap, long tap and double tap. Each type of press will activate a different action.

Setting up Pressy looks pretty straightforward, requiring a handful of steps. Pressy is Android-only for the simple reason that iOS has too many restrictions, according to the product's Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter backers can grab one for $15 while supplies last. And by the looks of it, the product is going to be a huge success. As of this writing, Pressy has already raised over $228,000 out of its initial goal of $40,000, and there are still 45 days to go before the campaign ends. Take a look at the Pressy pitch video below.

Via Kickstarter

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