NFL to employ bullet-time replay system

Credit: KRNB

Recently, Japan’s national public television network began using a number of cameras, controlled robotically, to create bullet-time replays a la The Matrix. Well, Replay Technologies, a United States company, has been working on simliar technology, which will show up for this year’s football season.

Using “freeD” a.k.a. Free Dimensional Video, three-dimensional instant replays can be rendered in a mere 30 seconds, offering dynamic, bullet-time replays. Aside from simply being insanely cool, these replays offer new insight into the plays. More importantly for the NFL, it can make challenges that much more accurate, since the refs will be able to view each play from every angle.

NBC will begin using this technology during the Cowboys/Giants game on Sept. 8, the first week of the new season.

At the moment, the AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) is the only NFL stadium equipped with the twelve-camera rig at either end zone, though every stadium is expected to receive them this year.

See it in action, below.

Replay Technologies, Via Sports Grid

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