Nissan targets 2020 for commercial self-driving cars

Credit: Nissan

It's true, most people behind the steering wheel are just terrible drivers. Self-driving cars, like the one Google is developing, could save millions of drivers from car crashes a year. Japanese car maker Nissan says it'll have several self-driving cars ready by 2020.

The idea of having your car robotically chauffeur you around is one of science fiction's wildest imaginings. Nissan says it's well-positioned to deliver a commercial self-driving vehicle in seven years time because of its past innovations in the automobile industry. Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosn says the company's ability to deliver a zero-emission vehicle in only two years (he's talking about the Nissan LEAF) is proof of its technological prowess.

Nissan plans to push the limits for testing self-driving cars in realistic environments with Nissan 360:

"Laser scanners, Around View Monitor cameras, as well as advanced artificial intelligence and actuators, have been installed in Nissan LEAFs to enable them to negotiate complex real-world driving scenarios."

Most important of all, self-driving cars will focus on safety, not driver laziness:

"The technology being demonstrated at Nissan 360 means the car could drive autonomously on a highway — sticking to or changing lanes and avoiding collisions — without a map. It can also be integrated with a standard in-car navigation system so the vehicle knows which turns to take to reach its destination."

So long as the car doesn't look silly with a dozen cameras hanging on its roof, we're down for some robo-chauffeuring.

Nissan, via VentureBeat

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