Meet the new Bluebird, the EV with the heart of a Porsche

Credit: TopSpeed

Here in the U.S., Tesla is pretty much the champion of the race for the coolest EV on the road. Across the pond, however, there's a new contender on the tarmac. Meet the Bluebird DC50, the heir to a rich racing history you may never have heard about.

As early as 1927, cars (and boats) bearing the Bluebird name began breaking speed records. Handed down from father to son, one Bluebird or another has held a landspeed record at least ten times. For most folks, these records would likely suffice, but the current heir to the Bluebird throne, Donald Wales, has other plans. He's got designs not only on the EV landspeed record, but the steam-powered land speed record and the totally-real lawnmower landspeed record.

And now you can grab a piece of that awesome pedigree in the form of the Bluebird DC50. With a 200 mile range, electrically operated scissor doors and the acceleration of a Porsche, Elon Musk has his work cut out for him if he's interested in building a better EV than the DC50. Bluebird will officially unveil the DC50 on September 28 at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, U.K.

Via TopSpeed

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