Xbox One gamepad features over 40 enhancements for better gaming

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

For the most part, Microsoft's walking down the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" route for its Xbox One controller. Unlike Nintendo's Wii U and Sony's PlayStation 4, the Xbox One doesn't have any kind of touchscreen or touchpad or built-in speakers. Instead, the controller's focus is on precision, comfort and realism.

Two years in the making, Microsoft touts the Xbox One controller has over 40 "enhancements." The main improvements include the internal battery compartment, grippier analogs and impulse triggers, but there are a lot of little details that the company researched and obsessed over in order to make it the best controller possible.

Lower ABXY buttons for shorter button press travel? Check. Auto controller pairing via Kinect when handing it off to a different player ? Check. Easier to reach bumpers and triggers for faster frag times? Double check.

We won't spoil it all for you. Instead, we'll let Xbox's Senior Product Designer Quintin Morris explain why the Xbox One controller is possibly the best controller for "core" gamers. Morris says his team designed the controller to help a player become "a faster, better gamer."

Or, you can just look take a look at the infographic below created by Microsoft.

Via Xbox

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