3D printed rings will take the hassle out of mass transit fares

Credit: Kickstarter

Whether you're dealing with New York's dilapidated, "historic" subway system or cruising along in the London tube, mass transit can be kind of a chore. Making sure you have the right fare and fishing out your card from whatever deep dark corner of your bag or wallet you stored it in can easily make you of that crucial train.

To solve that inconvenience, a pair of Boston-based students have designed a ring capable of delivering a knockout blow to your subway turnstile woes. The Sesame Ring is an RFID-equipped ring which can function just like a subway card. Any subway system with RFID readers (sorry new York) can be made compatible with the Sesame Ring, allowing you to simply fist bump your way to the train.

Subways aren't even the entire scope of what Sesame Ring can do. When used in tandem with smart doors, these little beauties can easily replace your keys as well. If opening doors and turnstiles with the wave of a fist sounds awesome to you, you can head on over to the Sesame Ring Kickstarter page and pledge a paltry 20 bones for one of your own. Remember to make sure that your local mass transit is cool with RFID though. To learn more about the Sesame Ring check out the project's video below.

Via Kickstarter

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