Skydiving without a 'chute just got cool with Oculus Rift

Credit: Youtube

This, dear friends, is skyDIEving — the 'chuteless skydiving game for Oculus Rift. The game centers around your final moments as you dive headlong into the wild blue yonder. Heedless of what appear to be floating islands, you careen through the sky until you finally find your rest atop a jagged mountaintop.

While plummeting to your doom in immersive 3D is clearly good clean fun, there's always somebody willing to step over the line. Enter Dan Borenstein: the guy who strapped himself to a tree, 15 feet in the air, and simulated his own demise because he was afraid of real skydiving. We're pretty sure there's a high-priced therapy session somewhere in his rig, just waiting for the psychiatric community to grab it by the harness and shake it for all it's worth.

Therapeutic or not, Borenstein's rig looks like a ton of fun. There is, however, one glaring question as to how it works: the missing controller. As you'll see in the video below, it appears that Borenstein is tucking and rolling through the air, using his body itself to dodge rocks and shoot through stony tunnels. But SkyDIEving doesn't offer Kinect support. The demo's website mentions gaming controllers and keyboards, but not a lot else. So, fun as Borenstein makes his rig look, he just might not really be doing as good a job at facing his fears as he's letting on.

Either way, rigs like this can certainly become reality very soon, and the Oculus Rift is the gateway to those wonderful, immersive and complex setups. Whether he's faking it or not, we're in Borenstein's corner for being a dreamer. Check out his antics in the vid below.

Via Youtube

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