Crazy concept brings the ocean breeze home in a bottle

Credit: Electrolux

Anyone who enjoys going to the beach will tell you that part of the mystique of the sea is the ocean breeze. Once you're breathing in that salty air, your stresses seem to melt away and all you want to do is take a nap on your beach towel. As it turns out, a lot of folks out there have found a wide array of health benefits that stem from breathing in salty air.

Everything from better sleep and lower stress levels to asthma and allergy treatments can incorporate the negative ions which populate the ocean breeze. It's great for those who live beside the sea, but it leaves the rest of us high and dry. Yet have no fear landlubbers because help is on the way. The SEAbreeze is a ocean air generator which will make any home into your very own seaside cottage.

By pumping salty air into your home, you'll swear the SEAbreeze has moved you to within spitting distance of the waves. Made up of two units, the SEAbreeze will first humidify your home, sending those funky healing ions into the air, and then dehumidify it. In the process of dehumidifying your living space, the SEAbreeze will create it's only byproduct: drinkable water.

Currently a finalist in the Electrolux design lab competition, SEAbreeze is still a concept. If realized, SEAbreeze be powered by the sun, giving you free, 24-hour salty air wherever you want it — even if you're landlocked. Check out the gallery below to see what SEAbreeze might actually look like when it hits stores.

Electrolux, via Yanko Design

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