Shower head shames you into taking shorter showers

Credit: Uji

Whenever I take showers (and given that I’m a tech journalist, we can all safely presume that to be an appx. 2x per week experience) I sit there and wonder if I’m taking too longer. No, I’m not sure what that metric is, exactly, but aren’t we all struck by this shower-related query?

Oh right. None of us are. Still, the Uji shower head does its best to shame you into taking shorter showers. For only $50, you can feel bad about yourself for how much water you waste!

Joking aside, it’s actually an incredibly useful tool. Brett Andler, one of Uji’s co-inventors, says "It encourages [people] to take shorter and more energy efficient showers. By letting people become aware of how long they're in the shower, we've actually been able to cut shower time by 12 percent."

That translates into a good bit of dough. Supposedly, it pays for itself in 7 months, then you’re in the making-money-by-showering business, which doesn’t sound like a bad business to be in.

How it works: simply enough, the shower head includes its own lighting, which turns from green to red over the course of seven minutes. The idea is that you’ll be out by minute eight. But the time it takes to change colors is up in the air for now. Future verisons might include a timer that the user can set.

Note: This is not a useful product for those who do their existential ponderings in the shower, nor does it really contribute to the experience of having a shower beer. Sorry guys.

Watch it in action below!

Uji, via NPR

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