Here's a wristwatch that hears everything!

Credit: Kapture

You know how Americans love it when everything they do is recorded? I’m sure you do: the NSA news came as an early Christmas, and there exists a watch with an embedded GPS system. We love being tracked. At least, that must be the mindset of the folks behind Kapture, a wristwatch that will appear on Kickstarter in a month.

Kapture is a wristwatch that combines our love of timepieces and having our every word on tape. As most wristwatches do, it tells the time. But it’s also always, constantly and continuously listening and buffering any audio that reaches it.

Oddly, the device can only actually hold 60 seconds of sound. It continuously buffers itself, though it appears as though you can tell it to preserve a certain number of seconds, until you hit that 60.

It’s somewhat unclear why exactly it's listening at all times. I guess to capture moments you aren't expecting. Still, it sounds like some twisted version of the Yak Back. Regardless, it’s raised $300,000 in seed funding and seeks another $150,000 on Kickstarter.

Maybe this isn't surprising. Wearable tech is all the rage these days.

Quartz, via Kapture

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