Video: NASA's asteroid mission detailed in epic animation

Over the last few years, NASA has increasingly relied upon short video illustrations to give the public a better idea of what kind of missions or research the space agency is working on. But when it comes to crafting stunning imagery showing off realistic journeys into space, Hollywood has remained many steps ahead, giving us amazing views of the kind of astronaut missions that have still yet to be achieved in reality. However, a new video from NASA has significantly upped the ante and delivers an amazing animated peek into one of the organization's most important upcoming missions.

The concept animation shows us what NASA has planned for its asteroid redirect mission, an initiative designed to prepare for the possibility of a major asteroid coming within dangerous range of Earth. The process would involve wrangling an asteroid with a robotic spacecraft, towing the asteroid closer to Earth, and then deploying astronauts to the asteroid to conduct research.

Earlier this year, the agency released concept imagery detailing the technical aspects of the mission, but this new animated video is a comprehensive look at how the mission would take place, from the launch of the Orion spacecraft, to space walking outside the asteroid, to the return of the astronauts to Earth.

Although we should all be excited about what NASA has already proposed, this animation does an incredible job of ramping up that excitement even more. And it doesn't hurt that the music score sounds like a climatic scene from The Dark Knight.


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