Google Glass gets a virtual tour guide app

Because Google is so good at mapping the world — whether it's the detailed terrain of Google Earth or virtual trips via Street View — it seems like it's just a matter of time before the company rolls out the ultimate travel app for its wearable computer known as Glass. But in the meantime, one company has stepped up with a new app for the device that could instantly make touring the real world a lot more interesting.

Field Trip, the iOS and Android app designed to serve as a kind of virtual tour guide, has just announced a version of the app for Glass. What Field Trip offers are short bits of information on a location's history, architecture, and best places to eat in much the same way as a local might as you make your way through an unfamiliar city or small town.

In the video, which appears to be more of an illustration rather than an actual demonstration (I think I detected some CG air balloons in the beginning), the Glass user is shown receiving location-specific information while traveling over local paths, frolicking in a country field, and traveling past a wine vineyard in a car.

Assuming the app works as illustrated, this is hands down one of the most attractive reasons to get over any possible hesitancy regarding looking weird wearing Glass and at least give the wearable computer a try. Check out how Field Trip works on Google Glass below.

Via Google+

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