DICE+ wants to change board gaming forever

Credit: DICE

With the increasing popularity of mobile games, old-fashioned board games may seem like a thing of the past. Who wants to lug around a big box of parts, fake money, and cards from one friend's house to another? And inevitably, some of those pieces will go missing. What if there was a way to create a similar social experience to board gaming, but on a digital platform? The company Game Technologies is hoping that their new DICE+ will make that happen.

The idea behind DICE+ is simple: it uses a digital dice that interacts with a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, using a wireless Bluetooth connection. This allows for the old-fashioned experience of people gathering around a game, but brings the concept into the digital age. The die itself includes an LED display, along with a built-in accelerometer, thermometer, and magnetometer. Basically, this means that it's a motion controller that can even tell when you're cheating. Best of all, DICE+ works with existing mobile devices: Android with at least OS 4.0, as well as anything over a 3rd generation iPad. The battery life is about 20 hours and you can use up to 7 dice at any given time.

You can get a DICE+ for about $40. There are also a variety of free board games available for download via the App Store and Google Play, including backgammon, a strategy game called Supremacy, and several child-friendly games. Games Technologies is also planning to release more popular board game franchises later this year.

Someday, maybe there will be versions of DICE+ with 20 sides, for us D&D geeks.


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