Video: The irony of a giant Microsoft Surface RT piano

Designing experiments with tablets is always fun, which is why the giant piano created by a Microsoft team in Germany probably made sense at the time. Created using 88 Surface RT tablets, each one programmed to play one key, the massive digital piano offers a cool look at how versatile the company's tablet can be when repurposed in interesting ways.

But what the team probably didn't consider is the irony of the entire effort given recent events. Remember that just a few months ago, Microsoft showed off its Windows 8 operating system running on an ASUS tablet by making fun of the iPad for doing exactly the same thing.

Specifically, the commercial profiled the iPad as almost a toy compared to the Windows 8 tablet, and highlighted this point by showing someone playing "Chopsticks" on a digital piano on the iPad next to the busy, multi-function screen of the Windows 8 tablet. The message apparently being: If you just want to fiddle around with a digital piano, maybe the iPad is for you, but for serious work, a Windows 8 tablet rocks.

Of course, now we know that the Surface RT tablet may be ranked as one of the company's biggest disappointments in recent memory, costing it almost a billion dollars due to unsold tablets. The fact that the company is now attempting to win cool points for the Surface RT by showing off a giant digital piano is indeed ironic, to say the least. Nevertheless, you can check out the Surface RT demonstrations below for a giggle or two.

Via YouTube

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