New Canon PowerShot N camera has instant Facebook upload button

Credit: Canon

The Canon PowerShot N was a weird camera when we saw it at CES and it's just as weird as ever today. Not much has changed on the little guy, except for the smartphone integration button has been replaced with a prominent "Facebook Connect Button" that instantly shares photos via Wi-Fi.

Canon says the change is a reaction to the popularity of folks uploading photos directly to Zuckerberg's social network empire. The move makes sense when you consider that Facebook is the world's most popular photo sharing platform with well over 219 billion photos uploaded (statistic as of October 2012) since the social network launched in 2004.

Here's how the Facebook sharing button works, according to Canon:

"After an initial one-time set-up, pressing the new Facebook Connect Button links the camera to the users' Facebook account for quick and easy sharing. Users can also control the destination of their Facebook uploads by choosing to share content with everyone, or to select Facebook groups."

We would have loved to see Canon take the Facebook integration further, but perhaps in the next upgrade. A feature such as automatic tagging using Facebook's facial recognition tech would be handy, as would a way to write captions. But we don't think any of those features — Instagram, is another — will make it in until Canon adopts Android, like some of its competitors.

Otherwise, the PowerShot N still retains its quirky design with its shutter button on its lens ring, 12.1-megapixel sensor, 2.8-inch touchscreen, 1080p HD video recording and variety of selectable creative shooting scenes.

Canon's oddball camera hits stores next month for$299.99 in white.

Via Canon

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