Leaked pics show classy, not gaudy gold 'iPhone 5S'

Credit: Weekly ASCII

Did you hear the rumor about Apple preparing a gold 'iPhone 5S?" Relax, it won't be real 24 karat gold and it won't be as shiny as you probably imagined. In the clearest leaked photos of the unannounced iPhone 5S yet, Japanese website Weekly ASCII reveals Apple will indeed add a "gold" colored device to its lineup.

Gold, may actually be the wrong color to describe the new iPhone. As many Apple rumor sites have pointed out, "champagne" may be more fitting, since the color appears somewhat faint, which gives a less flashy look.

The rumor is interesting because Apple has never sold an iPhone in colors other than black or white. The closest thing to a gold Apple device was the old gold-colored iPod mini.

Change is in the air and a new color, in addition to regular black and white models, would certainly give the iPhone 5S a much-needed personality boost, seeing as it'll mostly be a spec boost with the rumored fingerprint sensor and faster processing guts.

Not only that, but we all know Apple is injecting more color into its iPhones with the plastic-backed "iPhone 5C."

But why a gold/champagne-colored iPhone now? According to experts, anodizing aluminum for a gold hue is much easier to do than black. Many Asian countries, particularly China where Apple growth has been incredible, also have an affinity for gold. This could simply be Apple responding to demand without compromising on usability and building a phablet.

You can see more pics of and comparison shots of the gold/champagne iPhone 5S in the link below.

Weekly ASCII (Japanese), via Twitter

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