Video: Interactive augmented reality for Google Glass

When Google began sending out Glass to all the chosen applicants earlier this year, the company put special emphasis on the notion that the recipients experiment with the device in as many ways as possible. One Glass developer took that suggestion to heart and has posted his results in a new video that shows off a couple of new tricks capable with the wearable computer.

Brandyn White, a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland, focused most of his efforts on illustrating the augmented reality potential of Glass. In several instances, White demonstrates the ability to overlay real world images with mirror image on Glass that can be virtually updated with new information.

In a post on his Google+ detailing the experiment, White wrote, "It's still a work in progress but it demonstrates that AR is possible using Glass, despite the common perception that it isn't… We'd like to see others get started using AR on Glass and tried to give the right level of technical info."

Later in the video, White also shows how several Glass device can be used in conjunction. First he attached an additional Glass eyepiece to the other side of his glasses frame, essentially giving him binocular Glass vision. Then he's shown stacking another set of similarly modified Glass devices on top of the first, putting four mini displays in front of him that apparently respond to voice commands simultaneously.

White's experiment appears to show the augmented reality possibilities of Glass may only be constrained by the ingenuity of developers. You can see the demonstration in the video below.

Via Google+

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