Low-cost 'iPhone 5C' may have scratch-resistant plastic backs

Credit: Martin Hajek

On September 10, Apple will officially unveil what is widely expected to be the "iPhone 5C", a "budget" iPhone with colorful plastic backs. Although the company has shifted most of its products to aluminum and glass constructions, a return to plastic isn't improbable, especially when you consider how well-received the iPhone 3G and 3GS were.

An array of colors will surely appeal to younger buyers, but more interesting is that Apple might be using a tougher plastic this time around. According to the Chinese site Apple Daily (Chinese), which has reportedly gotten its hands on the rear case for the iPhone 5C, there is no visible marks on the plastic even after scratching it with keys.

The website also confirms a few things we've already known: the iPhone 5C will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5S will launch in three colors (most likely in black, white and the rumored gold/champagne) with a pill-shaped dual-LED flash.

Furthermore, CNET is reporting Japan's Nikkei newspaper claims the iPhone 5C and 5S will launch on September 20 in Japan, which would be 10 days after the announcement and in-line with past Apple iPhone launches. A worldwide launch in select major countries for September 20 is looking likely.

One thing Apple will definitely not announce is an iPhone(s) with a larger display. This year's new products will bring the entire iPhone lineup to the iPhone 5's 4-inch Retina display. The completely redesigned iOS 7 will also play a major part in "refreshing" Apple's aging mobile operating system.

Apple Daily (Chinese), via 9to5Mac and MacRumors

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