LG shows off 5.5-inch ultra high resolution you'll never need

Credit: LG Display

If you think today's 1080p smartphone displays with their 400+ pixels per inch (PPI) are sharp, guess again. LG Display is at it again and has developed the world's densest mobile display.

The 5.5-inch display, perfect for today's phablet-sized smartphones, is a "Quad HD" screen with a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and 538 pixels per inch — four times as much as a 1,280 x 720 HD display. For those keeping count, when the iPhone 4's Retina display was introduced in 2010, the late Steve Jobs said the typical human eye is unable to see individual pixels at around 300 pixels per inch when a smartphone is held at around a foot away.

Like the megapixels race played by camera makers, smartphone companies are now playing the PPI game. And while you may be thinking a Quad HD display is absolutely fantastic, it won't be so great in future smartphones unless we get some serious breakthroughs in mobile processing power, mobile GPUs, and batteries as well.

We're not saying LG Display's new fabulous screen isn't great — it is — especially once 4K content (if it ever) becomes common, but at 5.5-inches, we doubt the average smartphone user will be able to tell it apart from a 1080p display at such a close range.

Naturally, a large high-resolution display will require some serious battery power to last all day and well, we'd rather take a 1080p display that lasts 12 hours than a Quad HD one that lasts a handful.

Update: Various commenters have suggested a display like this be incorporated in the Oculus Rift. That's not a bad idea, considering the pixel density (even in the HD prototype) is still quite low. A higher PPI display for a VR system would make virtual worlds even more convincing.

Via LG Display

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