Video: Controlling a drone with Google Glass

While the skunkworks scientists are hard at work trying to give us the ability to control inanimate objects with our minds, there are a few tech-powered baby steps we can begin taking in the meantime that may be just as satisfying. The latest such tool involves combining Google Glass with the other hottest tech toy of the moment—flying drones.

Glass developer Blaine Bublitz has actually come up with a way to control an Parrot AR Drone with his wearable device. After some successful early tests controlling a connected ground-based robot with Glass-controlled head movements, Bublitz decided to up the stakes and try the same dynamic with a flying robot.The result is a Glass-controlled flying drone that allows for pitch and roll controls that are still shaky at this point, but nonetheless impressive.

For the coders out there, Bublitz offers a detailed run-down of how he cobbled together the head movement remote control mechanism here. For the rest of us, the demonstration looks like nothing less than machine-assisted telekinesis in action. It doesn't take much to look at this and then imagine a mother pushing a baby carriage hands-free with Glass, or a truck operator using the wearable device to control a second vehicle.

This is really just the beginning of some of the exciting things we're going to see from Glass developers in the coming months.You can check out the demonstration, which took place two weeks ago as part of the International NodeBots Day, in the video below.

Via Google+

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