SpaceGlasses video promises Tony Stark-style model building

A while back we told you about the amazing promise of a pair of augmented reality glasses from a company called Meta. At the time the device was primarily shown off via a concept video that offered a good deal of excitement to those looking to wearable computers to interact with the virtual world. Now the company has apparently re-named the device SpaceGlasses, and raised the stakes by unveiling yet another concept video that appears to be even more ambitious. 

The new video shows wearers of the device playing a game of augmented reality chess, shows a woman designing a vase which she then "places" onto a 3D printer to have made into a real vase, and later offers a look at a game of what appears to be augmented reality laser tag. Other parts of the video show the device helping the wearer to identify people and the companies they're associated with, allowing a person to manipulate a model of 3D terrain, and helping two children to identify various Lego-style parts.  

Some of the imagery in the video looks very similar to the fictional lab work of Tony Stark in Iron Man, and that's no accident. On the SpaceGlasses website, the company actually outlines a three-step process: "1. Buy the glasses and connect to your PC 2. Download apps or build your own in Unity 3D 3. You are Tony Stark."

That's a pretty ambitious claim, especially given the things shown off in the video. But the company has started offering the device for pre-order for $667, so the team is apparently confident that it can deliver on the amazing feats shown in the video.

Of course, we won't really know how well the device works until the device is tested widely by the public, but until then you can check out the latest illustration of the how the device is meant to work in the video below.

Via SpaceGlasses

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