3D model of Elon Musk's Hyperloop system created in 24 hours

Earlier this month when SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed his plan for the Hyperloop transportation sytem, the reaction was mixed. Some considered the detailed plan brilliant and an example of how public transport can be revolutionized in the near future. Others dismissed the proposal as little more than science fiction dressed up as a real proposal by someone who, at this point, won't even commit to building the system. 

Nevertheless, the proposal has sparked a lot of discussion, and while no government or private entity has stepped forward to take on the challenge of building the Hyperloop, at least one company recently dedicated some time to making Musk's vision a bit more tangible. A company called WhiteClouds put together a 3D-printed model of Musk's Hyperloop in 24 hours as a show of how 3D printing can help to actualize theoretical ideas.

Explaining the inspiration behind the project, WhiteClouds CEO Jerry Ropelato said, "as a company we're really interested in technology, and I thought it would be fun and interesting to take what we do every day and make the Hyperloop concept into something real. This really demonstrates the possibilities 3D printing offers."

Of course, this will do little to push the $6 billion Hyperloop idea toward reality, but it may, in some small way, inspire some to consider tackling the challenge of actualizing Musk's vision of high-speed transport. You can check out the process of how the team crafted the model, from computer design to final output, in the video below.

Via WhiteClouds

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