Photograph a wine label and learn everything about it

Credit: Drync

Our wine-related technology has been wonderful for maintaining the quality of our wines, but no one’s seem to figured out how to know if the $80 bottle you’re buying at a restaurant is worth the dough. Until some folks created a smartphone app called Drync that allows you to do just that.

The simple part of the app is a database containing 1.7 million different wines, which can be searched and sorted in a variety of ways (name, “notes,’ type, etcetera). Of these, 30,000 are available for sale (your average wine retailer is looking at about 2,000 bottles).

The cool part is that you can find a wine in this database simply by taking a photograph of a bottle. I don’t know about you, but every label in a grocer’s wine section might as well be written in Greek. Aside from “I like red,” my knowledge of the stuff is pretty nonexistent. The app would allow you to photograph that label and learn everything about it, which could prove pretty useful (at least, if you know what “floral notes” actually means).

The app allows you to track what you like over time and search a wine by name, so if you see one on a menu and want to find out what it costs retail, that’s easy to do.

It’ll either save you money or have you drinking more wine. Either way, who’s complaining?

Via Drync

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