Video: Perseids meteor shower explosion captured

The animated images of space shown to us at places like the Hayden Planetarium and even in big budget science fiction movies offer stunning images of the celestial occurrences that happen constantly all around us. But rarely do we get to catch actual imagery of one of those occurrences as they happen.

Photographer Michael Chung recently discovered that he had captured footage of a meteor explosion during the Perseids meteor shower earlier this month. The annual meteor shower often yields stunning photos of the celestial event, but Chung's footage managed to capture a fantastic meteoric explosion that you can see around the 35-second mark.

In an interview detailing the footage, Chung said:

"It was taken early in the morning on August 12, 2013 from my backyard in Victorville, CA… The fade to white is NOT an edit — it is overexposure due to the sun coming up. From what I can tell, the time lapse sequence of the explosion and expanding debris span an actual time of approximately 20 minutes."

Shot using a Canon 7D at 720p and 24 frames-per-second, the video gives us a tiny peek into the violent yet beautiful nature of the space. You can check out the meteor shower footage in the video below.

Via UniverseToday

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