Haptix: a go-anywhere, clip-on motion sensor interface

Credit: Reactiv Inc

Since the introduction of the Kinect, 3D motion sensors have become increasingly popular. But if the goal of a 3D motion sensor is to create a user interface like the ones we've seen in Minority Report and the Iron Man movies, then the current crop of sensors isn't quite up to snuff.

In an effort to improve upon the current state of affairs, Darren Lim and his partners at Reactiv Inc. have recently launched their own entry into the 3D motion sensor arena: Haptix. This mobile little sensor takes its design not from sci-fi computers, but from how we use our computers today, and its target is the computer mouse.

How Haptix aims to improve upon the mouse is by reinventing and repositioning it. Any surface that Haptix is aimed at can become an interactive multi-touch surface akin to a touchscreen. interacting with that surface (or the airspace above it) sends commands to your computer screen. You can draw on your desk and see your scribblings appear on your monitor, for instance.

But where Haptix really shines is in a position atop your laptop's screen. With Haptix positioned above your keyboard, you can effectively merge your mouse and keyboard into one. Raise your hands from the keys and the airspace above the keys becomes your touchpad. Begin typing and Haptix shuts down again. If that sounds like a cool way to break up with your mouse or touchpad for good, you can head on over to the Haptix Kickstarter page, where this little sensor is already screaming toward its goal. For even more info on Haptix, check out their pitch video below.

Via Kickstarter

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