Google Maps Doctor Who Easter egg lets you travel inside a Tardis

Although it's one of the biggest tech companies on the planet, with a data-driven reach that scares some privacy advocates, the fact is that Google still has a pretty good sense of humor. From Sergey Brin's pink Tesla to its Mobile ATM prank, the company still has the kind of playfulness that made the tiny search engine stand out from other Silicon Valley start-ups early on. A new Easter egg has been discovered on Google Maps that mixes technology and science fiction in a way many fans of both will appreciate.

When a Google Maps user navigates to a certain location on the London map, a view that shows a U.K. police box, the user has the option to double click the arrows directly in front of the structure and be taken into, you guessed it, a Tardis! Once inside, users can view a complete 360-degree view of an incredibly well rendered version of the interior of the fictional time and space vehicle made famous by Doctor Who.

In fact, rather than simply being able to look around from a fixed point, you can actually explore the interior of the Tardis by walking up steps and viewing the entire chamber from its balcony area. All the while, the location description on the upper left hand corner of the Google Maps display will continue to read, simply, "Police Box, England, United Kingdom." You can take a trip into Google Maps' science fiction-driven easter egg by following this link.

Via Jalopnik

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