This Google Glass app will map your face to detect your emotions

In recent years, a number of advances in technology have served to help those with autism better understand the rest of the world in terms of emotional connections. Just last year an Ohio mother with an autistic son launched a smartphone app designed to help those with autism train themselves to recognize certain emotions. Another developer has now come up with a similar way to assist the autistic community through the interactive lens of Google Glass.

Announced this week by Catalin Voss and Jonathan Yan, Sension is a company formed to distribute face-tracking apps that map a human face and work to detect the emotion being displayed on that face. While the company is exploring a number of uses for the technology, including serving as an educational aid harnessed through the wearable device framework of Glass, the technology could be particularly useful for autistic users.

To offer a look at how the software will work on the Glass platform the team produced a short video posted earlier this week that, if similarly effective in real world situations, could make Glass a must-have tool for any autistic person looking to improve their ability to translate emotional cues in a vast array of social situations.

Although the technology hasn't been demonstrated to the public, former Apple engineer Steve Capps told Wired that the app "gives a good demo." Take a look at the Sension technology illustration in the video below.

Via Wired

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