Get rescued in style with this new lightweight solar jet ski

Credit: ASAP

Let's face facts: floundering in the sea isn't the sexiest thing a person can do. First there's the near-drowning, and then the inevitable being saved by Hasselhoff and hauled gracelessly back to shore where he breathes life back into your soggy lungs.

While there isn't a lot that technology can do for you at the point of drowning, this sexy new jet ski will make your (possibly unconscious) trip back to shore look a lot cooler. Dubbed the ASAP, this sleek, low-profile craft is meant to be light enough for a single lifeguard to throw into the sea and then speed their way to your splashing-for-life side.

ASAP is a propeller driven, solar powered personal water craft that merges the idea of a jet ski with a flotation device. Being solar powered, ASAP will always be ready to go, never needing refueling (unless everybody at the beach goes and drowns at the same time, we suppose).

The design was taken from the suggestions of lifeguards, marine engineers, boat designers and even a rocket scientist. If you want to get your hands on an ASAP of your own, we've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that, compared to a jet ski, the ASAP will be both affordable and free to fuel up. The bad news is that it's still in testing and is planned to be released solely for lifeguards to begin with. We'll all have to wait a little while longer to practice our Hasselhoff impressions.

ASAP, via Gas 2

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