Google Glass update adds video player, sports and movie updates

Credit: Jessica Mullen /Flickr

Even though the device is still just a beta product available to only a select few, the Google Glass team has promised to roll out monthly updates of the software to continue to enhance its functions. The latest update for the wearable computer adds several features that help make the device far more practical as a virtual assistant using your scheduling notes and current location to keep you on task throughout the day.

The new update adds automatic reminders for scheduled events such as hotel and restaurant reservations, displays movie listings (including images of the film's poster), and provides traffic and weather condition updates related to your current location. And for sports fans, the update also offers the ability to keep track of sports scores in real-time, almost like that guy in the creepy Google Glass dating video.

Another component of the new alerts-oriented update is that Google's emergency alerts system is now tied into Glass, making sure that even if your eyes are otherwise occupied in an augmented reality cloud you'll remain tethered to the real world by constantly updated warnings of dangerous conditions in your area.

In addition to voice interface updates for Evernote and Path and the addition of hashtags for photos and video, the software now includes a dedicated video player that allows the wearer to pause, rewind, or fast forward any video recorded on the device. You can get more detail on the updates on the Google Glass software release notes page.

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