Next iPhone to be unveiled September 10

Credit: Apple

At this point in tech history, there's basically always a rumor about the next iPhone, as well as what it might be called, and what new features it may introduce. But rarely do those rumors include a firm date for an upcoming handset. However, this week we have one, and it's right around the corner.

According to a source in contact at AllThingsD, Apple will unveil the next iPhone on September 10, just under a month from now. However, the report doesn't confirm or dispel the rumors that have Apple possibly releasing a low-cost "iPhone 5C" in addition to a revamped version of its flagship smartphone.

One feature that has repeatedly been mentioned as part of the next iPhone is a new fingerprint authentication mechanism that would add a biometric twist to Apple's top selling device. A new report from AppleInsider claims that the biometric sensor button will actually be made out of sapphire, a seemingly unlikely development, until you consider the recently added sapphire component to the iPhone 5's rear camera. The report goes on to claim that the new button will be convex (sans "home" icon) in order to make room on the device for the new fingerprint sensor.

Apple hasn't confirmed the September 10 date, but the site making the claim has a solid track record of predicting major launch dates for software and hardware releases, so Apple fans should probably start putting a few bucks away in preparation for the new device. Also, The Loop's historically accurate "yep" confirmation by Jim Darymple also indicates the announcement date is spot on.

Via AllThingsD

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