Never use a locksmith again

If you (like most people) are still an old-school homeowner, one that uses a key instead of a smartphone to open your door, then you’ve probably been faced with the calling-a-locksmith-at-2-in-the-morning situation. If you live in Manhattan, those days could be behind you, thanks to KeyMe.

It’s an iOS application through which you store a digital replica of your key on the cloud, which you can later access either through a kiosk or by mail. You store said copy by photographing either side of the key and uploading the photos.

Should you need a copy of your key, you’ve got two options: go to a kiosk and instantly grab a copy or order duplicates by mail for between $4.99 to $6.99. Finally, you can just show your local locksmith the digital copy on your phone, and s/he can make another from that.

Finally, you can share a copy of your key with anyone you’d like, which could prove pretty helpful if someone is coming to visit and needs his own set.

At the moment, it can handle about 70 percent of the home keys in existence, but plans are in place to soon handle them all.

KeyMe, via Gigaom 

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