Off-Grid ELF bike-pod begins its life with an epic odyssey

Organic Transit's ELF has only just begun rolling off the assembly line. 75 have been produced, with over 200 still on back order. But none of that has deterred on 65-year-old man from putting the little off-grid vehicle through its own version of Homer's Odyssey.

Mark Stewart, a teacher from Cambridge Massachusetts was lucky enough to score one of the first ELFs ever manufactured. Instead of springing for the $1,000 delivery fee, he thought it might be more fun to drive his new vehicle home — from North Carolina. That's a 1,200 mile trip.

Even for a standard car, 1,200 miles is a substantial trek. For a solar/pedal-powered vehicle, the trip could take a month. Undeterred by the pace, Stewart has already completed the first five-day leg of his trip. Travelling 60 miles a day, he has made it to Ralston, VA.

So far, the trip is going as planned. The ELF has suffered no mechanical failures and while Stewart has received a fair amount of attention from local police, none of it has been negative. Mostly, folks just want to see what the new pod on their roads might be. If successful, Stewart's odyssey will be a strong vote in favor of the ELF's future as a real alternative to vehicles which require the grid to keep us moving.

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