Trick your ride with this portable Head Up Display

Credit: Garmin

Once upon a time, only the priciest sports cars and luxury sedans came equipped with a Head Up Display (HUD). But the days of windshield-projected oligarchy are at an end, thanks to Garmin and their new portable HUD.

The Garmin HUD was designed to pair with smartphones and to display navigational directions. For states like California, which has recently imposed the nation's most stringent hands-free driving laws, the GPS HUD might just be the navigation solution everyone's been looking for.

The Garmin HUD, being smartphone enabled, can't exactly give you fuel consumption metrics or tell you how fast you're going. But it does give comprehensive driving directions in a cool, high tech way. If you'd like to add a portable HUD to your car (or motorcycle) you'll be able to pick one up on Garmin's website later this Summer for about 130 bucks.

Via Garmin

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