Loft-style living beneath London's railways

Credit: CSRArchitects

London, often described as England's crown jewel, has a long and storied history. It is a city marked by both modern architecture and historic structures. It is also growing, both in population and footprint. To combat the ever-growing need for housing, one firm has come up with a unique way of merging London's history with its future.

CSRArchitects has designed a loft style apartment design which will take advantage of London's historic rail network. All over England's capitol city, red brick arches hold up hundreds of kilometers of rail. Each individual arch, the design firm proposes, might be easily converted into a living space.

Each end of an arch would be closed off with a wall which incorporates upward-facing skylights. Inside, exposed brick walls would accent the two-level lofts. But living underneath a railway has one serious drawback — the noisy upstairs neighbors. So, we leave it to you: is a cool London flat, crazy-close to transit, worth living beneath the rails? Check out the gallery below to see what the Londoner of the future just might call home, then tell us what you think.

CSRArtchitects, via Inhabitat

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