Homemade automated Nerf sentry gun isn't messing around

Credit: BrittLiv

Like so many geeks, we're pretty big Nerf fans here at DVICE. How about this "classy" Nerf gun? Or those Vortex models? There are so many to share, but here's a new entry in the Nerf gun arena that's a DIY masterpiece.

It's a toy sentry gun made by BrittLiv on Instructables. While it may look intimidating, this sucker began as a Nerf Vulcan and transformed into this beast after some, uh, tweaking. BrittLiv's modified Vulcan will aim and fire automatically, but she programmed it not to fire at targets wearing an Instructables robot shirt.

Here's BrittLiv on the project:

"If you've been browsing through my other instructables, you might have noticed that I am obsessed with Nerf guns. So far, I’ve managed to infect just about everyone around me with the Nerf virus. It is really fun to see how these plastic toys turn grown men into small boys!"

That doesn't surprise me in the least. Visit BrittLiv's page for the full instructions if you want to attempt this Nerf mod.

Instructables and YouTube, via Technabob

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