Exoskeleton promises to make Japanese schoolgirls taller, stronger

In Japan, often the quickest and most effective way to sell something to the public is through Japanese schoolgirls, viewed by some as stealth gurus of cutting-edge technology trends. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the latest exoskeleton suit being marketed as the first truly commercial option for such devices in the country is being presented from the perspective of one of Japan's unofficial ambassadors of cool.

Created by Sagawa Electronics, the Powered Jacket MK3 is an exoskeleton suit that can be used to travel around the city and even pick up small objects. The suit weighs about 55 pounds and stands roughly seven feet tall, giving the wearer an imposing profile despite the device's "lightweight" build.

At first glance, the presentation appears to be something of a joke, as a character called "Scarface Santaro" guides the viewer through a demo, standing alongside a robotically cheery schoolgirl wearing the suit. But the surreal nature of the presentation falls away when the video cuts to demonstrations of the suit being worn by a man who takes the device onto the streets of Japan to show off its stair climbing and running ability. At one point, the video even shows the master-slave controlled hand of the suit delicately cracking an egg.

According to the website, the exoskeleton will be offered in limited numbers to those interested and will sell for a whopping $123,000 starting this month. You can check out the classically "weird Japan" style presentation in the video below.

Via ITMedia

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