Google Glass gets a Battleship-style gaming app

The augmented reality potential of Google Glass in the realms of navigation and gaming are fairly obvious at this point. But before developers dive deep into complex gaming scenarios involving the device, it might be best to start out with a few simple gaming options as the device wends its way into the mainstream.

Developed by Det Ansinn, GlassBattle is just such an example of a gaming app that focuses on harnessing the device's functions ahead of high concept gaming plots. GlassBattleallows a Glass wearer to play what looks like a next-gen version of the classic Battleship game against a remote opponent through the wearable device. The game is fully voice-controlled and places a game grid on the right side of the Glass wearer's tiny square display.

And while the game itself is fairly simple, it serves as an exciting new demonstration of some of the collaborative ways Glass could be used in mobile situations .At present, the game isn't available yet as a commercial product due to Google's Glass Mirror API quota limitations.

You can see GlassBattle in action in the video below.

Via Joystiq

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