Terrify your friends with this 3D printed robot spider

Credit: Robugtix

What the world doesn't need is more creepy-crawly, fear-inducing robots. Robot worms and snakes are already in development. And people already distrust robots so much that there's a pretty sizable anti-robot lobby out there.

And maybe it's that fear and distrust that has spurred a company called Robugtix to construct their newest robotic terror: a crazy, life-like robot spider they've dubbed the T8. A name that can't help but evoke the humanity-cleansing legacy of the Terminator films. They might as well have made the robot's single eye glow red.

And yet Robugtix has decided to dub their robo-tarantula of death an "octopod." Bull-honkey; it's a scary spider and they know it. And a pricey one at that. If you want an intelligent, reactive robot spider of your own, you'll have to shell out 1,350 bones for the privilege of pre-ordering. Oh, and tack on another 85 dollars for an analog stick to control it.

That being said, this thing is pretty darn life-like, with 26 individual motors directing its motions. And the 3D printed body segments are evocative of a real spider. Check out the T8 in all its terrifying glory in the video below.

Robugtix, via Engadget

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