Glass app lets Tesla owners control their vehicles hands-free

A couple of days ago, California-based developer Sahas Katta unveiled an app for Google Glass called GlassTesla designed to allow drivers to control Tesla functions via Glass commands. But with only a few thousand people on the planet in possession of Glass, and a similarly small group boasting ownership of a Tesla, the app seemed mostly like a good proof of concept without an actual demonstration.

Well, now we finally have a real world demo of the TeslaGlass app in action and the seamless operation is enough to make even the most skeptical early adopter haters pause and consider picking up both (if they can afford them). In a new video, Katta demos the app's ability to open the Tesla's sunroof, locate and track the vehicle's location, and bring up real-time mileage information. Not shown is the app's ability to initialize the Tesla's charging mode, honk its horn and flash its lights to help the driver locate it in a dark or crowded area, and lock and unlock the car's doors.

According to Katta, about 700 people have downloaded the app, but only 23 have actually paired a Glass device with a Tesla vehicle. However, the elite few who have are clearly excited about the app, among them Google's own senior vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra, who posted on his Google+ page, "I just installed this app. It is crazy cool to be able to control the Tesla from my glass."

The only problem with the app is that it caters to such a small group of users that most of us may never get to experience how cool this Glass-meets-Tesla hack is. For those of us not in this bleeding-edge tech club, we can at least get a sample of the future of wearables meeting the future of electric cars in the video below.

Via Sahas Katta

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